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$115...Priced to sell...9 ZERO FOUR 2 TWO 9 SEVEN 7 ONE ZERO call or text anytime....this computer is FAST, QUIET, AND SECURE!....Upgraded & Refurbished DELL DIMENSION xxxxWILL INCLUDE ACER 15" flat/widescreen 163W HD high-resolution(up to xxxxx900---is set at recommended xxxxx768 resolution now)Logitech WIRELESS keyboard, mouse, and adapterAND Belkin N Wireless Network Adapter card (USB 2.0 connector) for additional $50 $165 FOR WHOLE SYSTEM.....FAST, QUIET, SECURE, will love it.Upgraded from crappy/bogged down Windows XP to Windows 7 Home Premium ($200), Norton Antivirus xxxx($70-see below), 2.66 GHz PENTIUM D DUAL-CORE 64-bit processor, 2MB L2 cache, Intel 945G Express chipset, RAID 1 (mirroring), 8 DMA channels, 24 interrupt levels, 4MB BIOS chip(NVRAM), upgraded from 515 MB to 1.5 GB DDR2 400 MHz unbuffered SDRAM (2X512mb,2X256mb installed--has 4 DIMM slots, upgradeable to 8 gigs of RAM(4x2gb DIMM sticks),), Upgraded from 80 GB to 160 GB hard drive,Sony DVD-ROM and 2nd regular CD-ROM optical drives, (will include unconnected DVD/CD-RW drive---not sure its good, cant get it recognized), 3.5" diskette drive, tower is in great shape....white sides--maybe 1 tiny scratch, black & silver front cover like new, silver top has minor scratches....overall looks and runs like a brand new computer, Integrated GMA950(Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950) video, Integrated Sigmatel STACxxxx audio connector (LFE channel); Integrated 10/100 network interface(LAN/Ethernet). 305 watt power supply; powerful fan and highly-ventilated and eye-catching, contemporary casing/tower....Just stalled Norton Antivirus xxxx ($70) w/full-computer protection(computer, reputation, and even facebook-wall scans!(lol), network protection, and web protection----this computer is FAST, QUIET, AND SECURE!), Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1(newest version--other than beta that is available for preview), and Google Chrome web browers (The latter two seem to be and are documented as being more secure browsers to useConnectors